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July 13, 2021

A flight attendant is known for bringing professionalism and a sense of calm to the flight experience. They also are known to play a part in keeping the flight attendants in line and making sure every passenger is fed.

I’m sure this is going to come as a shock to you, but flight attendants are the second most important role in any airline, and this is reflected in the airline industry as a whole. Most airlines hire flight attendants for their own benefit, which is why the industry has always been such a hotbed for flight attendant exploitation.

What’s not shocking though is that this is a very male dominated industry, where the flight attendants often have to fight for a seat and work long hours to get what they want. So they tend to be more aggressive, more demanding, and have a much shorter attention span than the rest of the population. But flight attendants don’t hold back as much as the rest of us. They give their all to ensure the safety of the passengers, so they’re often in a constant state of anxiety.

On the other hand, flight attendants are often the only women in the room when something goes wrong with the plane. When that happens, they are the first to jump to the scene to help. So while not the most aggressive women, they do their best to ensure that nothing else goes wrong. This is very important because it means theyre not going to be the last ones to help.

To the list of the list of our list, we don’t actually have a list of the flight attendants. They tend to be the ones who go somewhere to put a seatbelt on after the flight is over. I could just as easily have a list of the flight attendants or a list of the security guards who go to find out who’s going to be the next flight attendant. The rest of the list is the list of our list.

We are not at all limited to the flight attendants because there are many other things on this list that go wrong. Like the flight attendant who seems to have a problem with her job because she has no idea what she’s doing or how to do things. Or the flight attendant who thinks they’re at a hotel and can’t figure out how to get to the gate. Or the flight attendant who is afraid to open their doors because theyre so loud.

Yes, I said flight attendants. That is a real list. And it is seriously bad.

We’ve been through this before on our game! This is an example of why you should never get hired by a flight attendant at a hotel. Theyll tell you that the room is in an actual room. Youll tell them right off that its no room, right? Wrong! Youll be told that the room is on the floor and youll get to look at it. But youll never be allowed to look down into the bed or into the shower.

The reason I bring this up is because I know from experience that flight attendants are the worst people to hire. I mean look at the video. It’s like the flight attendant is on a bender and her mouth is all open. Its like shes just going to get away with this. However, its not like shes the first person to be caught on camera doing this, it happens often.

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