Watch Out: How how many jobs are available in precious metals Is Taking Over and What to Do About It

September 18, 2021

the number is very, very low and it is likely that there are no jobs available for precious metals workers. The reasons for this are quite complicated and not at all related to the current job market.

What this means is that there is a shortage of precious metals workers. This is a very real problem in the gold and silver industries. As of the end of 2013, in the United States, there were 3,711,000 people in the precious metals industry with a median annual wage of $48,500. That’s $14.2 million per year.

There are of course a lot of reasons for the supply to be low, not the least of which is that there are simply not enough jobs for people with advanced training. The reason for that is that precious metals are a relatively simple material that requires a lot of physical labor. And because of that, the market for skilled labor in precious metals is extremely limited.

Sure, there are gold miners, but they’re not in the supply chain. They’re in the demand chain. That means that there are lots of miners that are willing to buy from the miners that have more experience. And because of that, the demand for gold is pretty much flat. Since there are so many miners that don’t have the skillset, the cost of mining gold is also quite high, so it’s not something that is easily available.

The problem is that we don’t really know what exactly is available in the supply chain that miners are willing to buy from, because the amount of gold we have to mine is so miniscule. So there is no guarantee that we will see gold ever come out of the ground again. So that means that not only are there no jobs in precious metals, but the supply chain is just too limited for us to ever see a single job come back to the surface.

There are some rarer metals that are mined, such as those in rubidium or carbon, but they are not as abundant as gold. So most of the time, we don’t see any jobs in precious metals. But occasionally, we do. Last year, many people were speculating that we might see gold in the future, but that never came to fruition.

The only metal in which there are jobs is platinum, which is mined in South America. The mines there are so primitive that they are often not accessible to the public (and often do not allow tourists), so it’s an almost entirely underground industry. Platinum is so rare that only a few people have ever seen a single pound of it, so very few people have ever been able to mine this metal. It is mined by people who have been trained to do so from birth.

Unfortunately the only way to make enough platinum to make a single good gold piece is to extract it from the platinum metal itself. Platinum is a rare metal, and there is a 100 percent chance of being able to extract a single pound. It is rare enough that only a few people have ever seen a single pound, so even if a lot of people do extract it, the fact that there is no metal in which to mine it means that the metals themselves are almost exclusively precious.

This is the most precious material in the world. And yet, in order to mine it, you have to sacrifice your life. You have to kill yourself. To be able to extract a single pound of platinum, you would simply have to kill yourself. And that is the thing I don’t understand.

You would have to be able to make your own equipment, and even then, make the process very, very painful. The process of extraction is painful enough that it would have to take a very large amount of time to make anyone who makes their own equipment, particularly someone who is not as skilled as a metal-worker. I don’t know how many people have actually extracted precious metals. However, the process of extracting and refining them is extremely difficult.

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